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An Open Message to the Writers of Spider-Man

Posted by meekrat on June 19, 2008

I think Stan Lee is doing this to mess with me and people who read this Blog. Case in point: Spider-Man is back home and not sick at all, where all our estimates were for Spider-Man to be falling for at least a week. So, if Stan Lee or someone who works on this strip is reading this Blog: you should really take our suggestions and good-natured ridicule seriously. Make Spider-Man an effective super-hero again, and make the strip a bit more interesting. Please?

Also: Mary Jane is probably thinking, “My man who makes me money!”


8 Responses to “An Open Message to the Writers of Spider-Man”

  1. jvwalt said

    In panel one, we are treated to the sight of Spider-Man casually web-swinging into the open window of Peter Parker’s apartment. In broad daylight. Do the neighbors, passers-by, cab drivers, etc., etc., never notice this kind of activity? If he cares at all about keeping his identity secret, shouldn’t he be swinging onto a nearby rooftop or into an alley and changing his clothes there? (And should MJ really be leaving her windows wide open like that, 24/7?)

    Sorry, logic again. Does not apply to this strip.

  2. Paul said

    Just think about the decorating challenges that must pose – they need to leave a giant empty spot in the middle of their living room, so Peter doesn’t break anything when he comes rocketing in.

  3. Paul Arrand Rodgers said

    Mary Jane actually looks good in Panel Two, and you can bet that her being worried will translate to some good times for Peter tomorrow. Or bed rest.

  4. dlauthor said

    Also, MJ can never have company over while Peter’s out, because you never know when Spider-man’s going to come blasting into the living room.

    How does Spidey fare in the winter? Does Peter pay $3000 a month for heat because MJ has to leave the window open then, too?

    Actually, has there ever been a Spider-man storyline, in any medium, that admits that New York even has winter? It’s certainly always early June in the movies …

  5. Mat said

    The just gave him the flu because they needed a plot for the week. Another good thing is they can use it as much as they like, even make it the whole strip.

  6. Reggie White Jr. said

    Uh, well. I did not see the what happened in today’s strip coming. That was a surprise. Anyone else wondering how Spidey got photos? What does he have a camera with a zoom lenses that can spot nose hairs?

  7. Tommy said

    Normally, Pete’s Spider-Sense would alert him if anyone were watching him as he went inside a window, but…

    Logic doesn’t apply, as stated. x_x

    As for winter, the novels kinda go into this a bit more. The window may not be wide open, but Pete’s chilly body hits MJ’s once he’s in for the night, shocking her awake if she wasn’t already.

  8. Donnie said

    yes in the comics there have been winter references Amazing Spider-man #83 -(kingpin /schemer story line) -really heavy snow storm shown.

    #166 -battle with the lizard and the Sturgeon, #130-131-Doc and hammerhead, and in the comic strip snow is shown in the Dolly Norbert storyline December 83, a blizzard when Spidey try to capture child abuser Bill Haywood, and light snow when Mj and Peter are walking about in February 1981 (Doc Ock story line )

    but I agree warmer weather makes more sense and is more advantageous for Spidey and all super heroes in general

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